Friday, January 28, 2005


How many pairs of slippers did YOU offer someone today? I guided willing feet into about forty pairs. And, though I may have an unnatural tendency towards aberrational behavior and an affinity for reassembling my alarm clock inside of a Draft One beer can, I most decidedly don't have a foot fetish. As I was apologizing to smiling, Japanese mothers for offering them heinous, indoor footware, I was wondering to myself how many other slipper-givers there were today...
Tens of thousands, probably. Millions. Tens of millions? Spaloonkingzillions? (including those slippers that offer 132 Armor and +8 stamina, of course).
Anyway, I'm sure that more toothbrushes passed hands today in the world than slippers...
Gotta run. Off to an izakaiya for some tori karage and complimentary slippers!

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