Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Elephant dung

Though you may not have been wondering about it, I know you will be amused to learn that Japan's current best-selling, English-translated picture book is entitled "Everyone Poops (Minna Unchi)" (Written and illustrated by Taro Gomi).
The book begins with a bang: the over-sized and ambitious result of an elephant enjoying his bowel movement.
"Okii zo wa okii unchi.
Chiisai nezumi wa chiisai unchi.
(A big elephant makes a big poop.
A tiny mouse makes a tiny poop.)"
The book then takes you on a pleasant visual and narrated journey of the aromas, textures and colors of various animals' shite.
Check out this article for more on this fabulous book as well as on Japan's other Must-read picture book: "The Gas we Pass-the Story of Farts" (Written and illustrated by Shinta Cho):
Breaching Poop Taboo a Surprising Success

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