Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy STD!

Wishing you all a Happy V.D.!
I've gotten a kick out of observing and receiving a lot of Japanese Valentine's Day cards, wishing me a happy v.d.! Honestly, I don't much care whether we're honoring sexually-transmitted diseases, ancient Roman pagan celebrations, blatant commercialism or one of the three Church-recognized “St. Valentines” being caressed by a toothbrush in the catacombs. I DO, however think that one can still be dedicated to Islam with a red rose in their window ( Saudi Morality Police See Red Over Valentine Roses ), that a mighty fine gift for Valentine's Day is “Womanizer Beer” ( 'Womanizer' beer for Valentine's ), and that everyone should show their love every day, including February 14th.
Actually, on second thought, citizens of the planet should only share love on afternoons when it's raining termites (provided that the humidity is just right) and on years divisible by hydrogen's atomic number when multiplied by the number of tax-paying, single chopsticks in Texas.

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