Friday, February 25, 2005

The Unmentionable Platypus

So, to make a nice, curvy human with breasts and muff, we need two X chromosomes. To get a sculpted human with a sexy, albeit odd, protrusion, we need an X and a Y….
So, tell me. Why do we need a set of 10, yes, TEN, chromosomes to determine the sex of a platypus? To be a platypus with muff and give milk, you have to grab XYXYXYXYXY chromosomes. And to be a bill-punchin', man platypus, you gotta bag X times 10. Why is this?
Because a platypus is a Super-hero, that's why!
That's why you can spend US$250 today for a platypus paperweight or bid on the Platypus Zone Sign that I would be dying to have, if only I had a reason to have it.
Moral of the story: I, being a mere XX, have much to fear from the XYXYXYXYXYs! As do the XYs of the XXXXXXXXXX!
The platypuses are coming!

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