Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Happy St. Urho's Day

If you're not already engaged in debaucherous celebration, I suggest you raise a glass! Today, we are honoring St. Urho: a phenomenal man who ridded Finland of grasshoppers. And this, just ONE day before Mr. Patrick cleared Ireland of snakes! An amazing tale, really. The man spoke in tongues, if I'm not mistaken, and had a history of cutting insect E pills with Nosema locustae. Cheers, St. Urho!

(*edit/disclaimer: This is, of course, sarcasm. the man probably never had anything to do with any bioinsecticides or x pills. And, probably never SPOKE in/ or GOT any tongue...)

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Bernard Morris said...

Thanks for your comment. Liked your blog a lot. Keep it up :o)