Monday, June 13, 2005

Ghandi had no Catnip

“We all want to be in touch with the Divine. We all want to dissolve the Ego. That's why orgasms are so popular.”
-Tom Robbins

A New Recipe for achieving Enlightenment:

1) Put your Ego in a zip-lock bag with lots of holes in it. Then throw it on your neighbor's roof.
2) Close your eyes and contemplate an enormous, empty denim jacket sleeve.
3) Balance three plates in your right hand, a baby shower, box of catnip and some dried octopus in your left, and a hybrid pick-up truck filled with children and desert sand on your head.
4) Go pick up the zip-lock bag from your neighbor's roof.
5) Relax and order yourself a high-quality orgasm on the rocks.


ted said...

Is orgasm on the rocks like sex on the beach? Or even Einstein on the Beach? O=cum2?

By the way, in NJ, enlightenment can be reached just off exit 12.

Rabin said...

An orgasm on the rocks can be a painful affair.

"We all want to be in touch with Divine"- Now who the heck is Divine and does Susan Sarandon know abt this touching Divine?

frustratedwriter said...

Are we allowed to order a double orgasm on the rocks?

-c said...

I don't know. CAN you?

frustratedwriter said...

Of course, we are only limited by our inability to imagine the impossible...right?