Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Emotion Large on the rocks!

“Hurry up and write a Japanese Goodbye Speech!” screamed the crowd, as I frantically ran circles around them, sweating like a Japanese baseball team member, running miles in the unnatural heat, trying to get a “hole in one” in a million-holes goal.

(crying over an Asahi beer…)

“Surprise! Here's a beautiful Japanese yukata from all of the teachers! Put it on, and speak in your retarded Japanese to everyone, as we ooh and aaahh over what a foreigner looks like in our women's traditional wear!” The microphone was ceremonially passed in front of thousands of eyes.

(crying for every kid you know… without an Asahi beer…)

This evening:
Too many sincere compliments fell on “foreign” ears, too many truths were told from all sides. Too much. Too sad. Too happy. Too overwhelmed…

(crying over personalities and experiences…)

That's all.

Until next time when I can gain more control over my essential sarcasm over tears…..!


frustratedwriter said...

the language of the heart can be spoken well through facial expressions, and the message is heard just as loudly as if you had spoken perfect Japanese. I'm sure they realized how you felt and how genuinely moved you were.

Hey, when you get home and have a permanent address, I will mail you a free copy of the first book I wrote. It ain't anything to shout about, but hopefully it will make you smile.

Rabin said...

You did good.

This is something that you would carry all your life, the personalities and the experiences.

And wishing you many more such wonderful experiences!

Zahra said...

Hey, just stopped by your blog; loved it! Your posts are really funny and your style is great. Will definitely be visiting again :-)

-c said...

frustratedwriter & r. - thanks guys!! you are too sweet!

frustrdwrtr- I look forward to the smile. I'll be in" in touch" soon! In need of some new reading. What's the state penalty if I SHOUT about it??

zahra - Welcome to randomness! How 'bout a cup of tea? We have tea on the rocks, tea off the rocks, and tea NEXT TO the rocks... (Though I honestly prefer the tea hovering ABOVE the rocks..)