Saturday, July 23, 2005

Japlish Extended

Cleaning my place and came upon another great Engrish t-shirt. It reads:

Laughter here!
We smile
It can live by peace as long as laughter always here!
It is looking at the horizon
which becomes far by two
persons the morning
sun also begins to illuminate
us today your smile
it is very wraps me gently.

Brilliant, I think! There's nowhere else in the world you can be wrapped in sunshine like that!


Zahra said...

I have to get one of these T-shirts! It would keep people who saw me wearing it amused for hours on end as they tried to figure out what the heck it was really meant to say! Could be a great conversation piece at a party!

Rabin said...

Kinda emotional makes sense in a way too :)

Btw, saw a T shirt yesterday on a girl that had teeny tiny letters that read 'if you can read this, you are staring', lol.

p.s. I had asked if I could read what was written on it, so wasn't technically staring :P

Zahra said...

My bro has a great t-shirt that says: eyesposeafucksoutatheqwestion (or something along those lines) - try and work that one out! Another one of my favourites is one I bought for him a while back: FOR HIRE. Go on, treat yourself :-D

AliceBabylon said...

Engrish t-shirts are most excellentness!

L said...

love these... they're hilariously poetic