Saturday, July 16, 2005

Of opossums and testicles

They're not the cutest animals.
In fact, I'd go so far as to say that they're pretty ugly.
But, they are, nonetheless, amazing mammals that have partied here for over 75 million years.
Yes, they are opossums.
And, yes, they sport thumbs on their back feet.
And, yes, I've had personal interaction with them.
And, yes, they were family members living in the garage when I was a kid.
And, yes, I love them.

But they don't really compare to tanukis.
A tanuki is a Japanese, raccoon-dog creature who is just as aesthetically questionable as the opossum.
I often see them waddling across my path in the evenings and, more frequently, lying lifeless on the side of the road.

But they are most ubiquitously found in statue shape in front of ramen shops and izakayas.

And from them, always dangle two enormous testicles.
Legend has it that these big balls possess the tanuki's shape-shifting power and a number of other magical propensities.

I am inexplicably intrigued and head-over-heels in lush with traditional tales of the mythical tanuki in Japan. But, I have to wonder whether women played any role in carving out these legends…

“Say, Martha, where, in the body, do you think the central chi, or strength and power origin resides?”

“Why the testicles of course!”

...Somehow, I just can't see it...

I wonder why we in the west don't have legends of mythical opossums with enormous breasts….Big Opossum tits that spout Immortality milk and can take out the enemy with a single tit swipe…


Winston said...

Rome's mythical start is captured in a statue that has been reproduced millions of times for tourists' consumption of a dog/bitch with little baby humans suckling her swollen tits. Last time I checked Rome counted as a 'western' country. So there.

frustratedwriter said...

Hmm, since the possum is the only mammal that I'm aware of that has a double headed penis, I think maybe we should've headed in that direction instead...although...

-c said...

winston- Not sure how I feel about miniature people sucking on dog tits, but would certainly like to check the statue out!

frustratedwriter- That's a brilliantly intriguing fact! you've inspired me to go look up possums. I might just throw that bit of trivia out at the next party i attend too! It's sure to be a hit!