Friday, April 21, 2006

Chichen Itza

Mayan glyphs that mirror Chinese kanji in their pictorial, phonetic and poetic translations hammer my sun-smeared retinas,
as dusty plumes swath my scallion-unlike Saquatch toes.
I watch a boy chisel a wooden mask; his powerful hands those of an old-souled carpenter with forty years of practice.
I paint a memory, reach out to hold a hand, and smile a little when I think of how nothing and everything is never and always changing.
At least I know that when I get back to town, I can expect only that which I don´t expect, and that those Mayan glyphs will read differently in my absence.
I can only fantasize... but.., maybe, just maybe... that glyph that we thought meant ¨corn¨now means ¨porn¨ and that famous Mayan symbol for ¨zero¨now signifies ¨Pepsi¨


Flim Flam Man said...

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Dunzo said...

I like the name flim flam man but c'mon...advertise sompeplace else!!!

dingobear said...

Haha! Only you can use the words "porn", "Mayan", and "Pepsi" in the same sentence and yet somehow make it still makes sense.

frustratedwriter said...

oh man, now I have to go to mexico. sigh.