Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Portland kicks cool tides and child stool into a can

Is it cooler than Seattle? Yes.
Does it rock the house? Yes.
Rock the boat? Yes.
Rock the frail foundations of traditional social Ineptitude? Yes.
Am I writing this of my own volition? Yes.
Is there some critical, mythological, prodding prick of a Portland P.R. Agent hovering over my shoulder as I type this? Yes-- I mean, No.
Does he brandish a big, brain-washing, evergreen gaze? No—I mean, No.
Does he sport a funky hair-do with the words “authentic identity” shaved into his sideburns? No.
Does he look like a gypsy on a syncopation binge? No.
Does he patch his crotch holes with muse-drooled fabric? No.
Is he poking my tongue now with his humanity-fired flavor prod? No.
Does he want me to move to Portland? Absolutely not.

What do you think I am, some kind of schizophrenic lunatic?

*Editor’s note 1: Sorry I've been gone so long. Excuse: forthcoming.
*Editor's note 2: Excuse coming forth at a speed infinitesimally slower than the currently translatable speed of forthcoming excuses.
*Editor's note 3: I didn't mean to change the colors on my blog. The Great Intelligent Designer (the new blogger) finally caught up with me. Nothin' you can do when Omiscience overrides your natural blog evolution...
*Editor's note 4: Portland rocks!


dingobear said...

So -c, has Portland become home to your new stomping grounds?

Welcome to the dark side of the New Blogger ... I'm impressed you managed to elude forced conversion for so long.

Actually, I like the new colours!

Cap'n Rich said...

Welcome back, -c. I feared you had been incarcerated for a major infraction and were awaiting being beheaded.

Portland is more to our political leanings if you plan on moving there.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow I can leave messages here without a username. Do read the blog from time to time. You do know who this is.......its me! Great to see your picture too a couple of entries ago. You look well my dear. Miss ya.....Pechan X

Anonymous said...

I'm all excited I can leave messages here!!! Ha Ha! Sent you an email today.....check your inbox. Is the grapevine working? Check it out. Awww i'm getting all natsugashi thinking about the past now.....I miss ya.....

scorch said...

you went to maine?! don't hit steven king if you drive by and see him walking...

Rabin said...

welcome back! pardon my non-american background but isn't portland the place that's known for cement or something? be nice to the PR agent, lest you form a sturdy yet humourous part of a building's foundation... :-)

-c said...

dingobear- Although I LOVED Portland, my stomping grounds are still in Seattle, for now. We'll see what happens in the future...And yes, I had to use many an undercover Intelligence agent connection to avoid joining the New Blogger so long. But... they always get you in the end:)

cap'n rich- my beheading was imminent. Were it not for a savvy beaver and a hedgehog with a bow tie, I would not be here today.

anonymous P-chan- Congatulations and good luck back on the island over the pond! I hear your 'natsukashii' and raise it one.

scorch- I didn't make it to portland, Maine-- rather Portland, Oregon. But if I saw Stephen cruising the lanes, I'd invite him out for a drink instead of hitting him. Maybe, I would even admit that I've only read two of his books.

rabin- ha! I'm trying to imagine a human imbedded 'humorously' in a concrete foundation... I think your sense of humor is nearly as sick as mine:)

frustrated writer said...

excellent! you have returned! I was about to give into the rumors that you and Paris Hilton were arrested for partying nude at an all Republican beach with Bruce Willis and Tom Selleck. Welcome back, you've been missed!