Friday, February 04, 2005

Environmental Ed and Toasters?

So, I'm looking into a new program that really excites me:
Audubon Expedition Institute
It's a masters degree program run by the Audubon Society and Lesley University. It's all about environmental education with an emphasis on experiential learning and conflict resolution skills. In this case, that means you get to cruise around on a bus, explore beautiful places, cook your own food and spend your study semesters camping!
It sounds so great that my heart beat actually accelerates to 190 kph every time I think about it, and the north-eastern "blue" state in my brain does a little disco dance!
The program does, however, require that I become a non-religious nun of sorts for two years. Students are required to abstain from tobacco, alcohol, illegal substances and sexual relationships during their time studying. Now, abstinence from personal pollutants I can understand, but.... SEX? That's like asking your toaster to not toast bread anymore. ("Just warm the bread, will you?! Hey--stop! The bread's getting a little black around the edges! Stop trying to do what you were designed to do, you stupid toaster!")
None the less, it sounds amazing and caters to everything I love! This toaster's special. Plug it into a mountain and it builds a fire!

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