Sunday, April 24, 2005

Selfless Ascetic Gets Laid

Before I came to Japan a few years ago, I harbored the stereotypical image of a densely-populated island where Mr. Selfless Ascetic held hands with Ms. Dignified Kimono Goddess who served tea to Mr. Honorable Samurai whose brother was Mr. SalaryMan who owned Mr. high-tech Robot who answered calls from Ms. Hot Highschool Sailor Girl who flirted with Mr. Unintentionally-hilarious Game show Host who…
Well, hmm…
I DO know a Selfless Ascetic (he runs a rice field and a liquor shop and sings Beatles songs). I know a Dignified Kimono Goddess (she's a secretary, flower -arrangement artist and she hides her car from public-view when she takes a day off work). The Honorable Samurai I know likes comic books, painting and has a sword collection. The SalaryMan is a closet-Musician, and the Hot Highschool Sailor dreams of hiking in New Zealand.
As for Mr. High-tech Robot… I haven't met him yet. (assuming, of course, that elaborate sex toys don't count). That's why I'm looking forward to the Prototype Robot Exhibition coming June 9th-19th.
I'm especially excited to see the “Partner robot with artificial tongue”, the “Robot that decorates ceramic tableware and drinkware” and the “Dance Partner Robot”!
In an ideal world, I could also see Mr. Selfless Ascetic getting tongue from the Partner Robot, Ms. Dignified Kimono Goddess learning to decorate tableware, and Mr. SalaryMan doing the tango with Dance Partner Robot!
Hey… can't blame one for dreaming!

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