Friday, April 29, 2005

To pack the beetle or not?

Packing for trips has never been my strong suite. I figure as long as I have my ticket, passport, some string, a few crumpled currencies hidden in my earlobes, safety pins, colored pencils, a lighter and a change of clothes, I'm ready to go. And this has, thus far, worked brilliantly for year-long trips, three or four-month trips and two-week excursions.
Only, this time, I'm off for only five days to a music festival in Aso, Kyushu, Japan. I've attended this fest (Nijinomisaki) for the past two years.
The first year, I brought a change of clothes, some rattles, a flute, a tent and a sleeping bag.
The 2nd year, I brought a change of clothes, some rattles, a flute, a tent, sleeping bag, a tarp, a hacky sack and toilet paper.
Now, here's where it gets complicated. THIS year, I'm bringing a change of clothes, some rattles, 2 flutes, 4 tents, 3 sleeping bags, 2 tarps, 2 toilet paper rolls, 2 collapsable chairs, 1 second-hand guitar, 2 sets of guitar strings, 34 books, 3 gigabytes of coffee, enough clay to build a complex in SW USA, enough paint to deface 2 Tokyo apartment walls, a frozen orangutang, a crate of ramen and 30% of Korea's kimuchi.
Though, I'm still waiting for the proposed grant processing to go through, I think I may have a new scientific break-through on my hands here. Namely that:
1)The increase in hippy luggage over time corresponds directly (or maybe kind-of slantedly) to the misinterpreted trend of global warming. And,
2) What we pack is inevitably determined by what we have lying around our house.

If you don't believe me, go and have a look at the residence of someone who is packing. If they own 24,000 unique Indonesian beetles, just call me an ass if they don't throw a few beetles into their luggage! And if they own 8 guitars and 3 frozen orangutangs but don't toss even one old six-string and one chilly long-armed ape into their pack, then I willingly abdicate governorship of this hypothesis, and I might even buy you a pint!

Until then, I just remembered I have to go pack Tobasco sauce and chopsticks...


Winston said...

You're such a good writer...

-c said...

Gee, thanks, you're sweet! I've been studying a philosophy called Zen and the Art of Semi-incoherent type-rambling.

a a r o n said...

thanks fuck you packed your collapsable chair. i really enjoyed using that. as for the flute? you must have played that in the early mornings when my lame asss was sleeping

Anonymous said...

Love your writing...came upon your blog while googling the festival. Hope to see you there.