Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Deep Fears and Playing in Traffic

There's nothing that frightens me more than U.S foreign policy, Burger King advertisements, really long tunnels, suicidal sparrows, over-consumption, “faith-based” accusations and, excessive talk of banal, T.V. programs I have never seen.
So, it's always a motivating, heart-rocking High that hits me when someone offers a positive kick from the States (lacking any of afore-mentioned fear factors!).
I was lucky that my mother (a beautiful and passionate woman, who works at a community college library, fights weekly battles against censorship, administrative bullshit and state budget cuts) just filled this roll and sent me the link to her new buddies playing music in Los Angeles: Playing in Traffic
They inspire quite a bit of Deja-Vu (musically and sentimentally) But, they also offer a much-needed slap of motivation for those of us who are still scared of going back to play and do summersaults in the land of United Snakes… er, I mean,… States.

I suspect there will still be a few over-dressed Burgers dancing on the tube, a few, long sitcom-conversations, and some tongue-extending tunnels, but, I'm pretty sure, now, that there will be some good peeps, with intelligent opinions. And, maybe someone's got the linguistic and psychological skills to talk my pigeons down off the nest-Plank!

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