Sunday, May 29, 2005

A hump and a fag, please!

Sitting around the Camel cigarette pack with friends, baked, looking for hidden phallic symbols was a common pass-time for me in high school.
Yeah, I'd say those tobacco companies sure had some clever marketing geniuses puffing away in the think tank!
Or, were they just coughing?
This site Fair Enough is really funny and offers old-school, comedic sitcom-style episodes of clever, marketing Tobacco company geniuses brainstorming. And, they are all based on real Tobacco company meeting notes and implemented campaigns! Really good stuff.
In fact, I think I'll go dress up like a smoking camel now.
Does anyone know where I can get a hump?

(*Update/edit: So as not to be misunderstood and make enemies, I should mention that a "fag" refers to a cigarette in Britain.
*Udate2: And in Canada - thanks Canadian Dude !)


Rabin said...

Been 4 years since i quit smoking *deep sigh*

-c said...

(I might, maybe, sort-of, kind-of still be working on it... deep sigh..)

Canadian Dude said...

It's the same term in Canada... lend me a fag will ya... I used the money my mother gave me for piano lessons to buy fags..LOL


frustratedwriter said...

In the reduction pump drive industry, a fag is a ball bearing assembly. So when you say hand me a fag, you get balls to speak.