Monday, May 30, 2005

What else is in that micro-chip?

I think when a child is born in California, it automatically comes with a rechargeable battery pack (or sometimes, solar panels),?a bottle of Crystal Guyser water (or Evian, depending on the neighborhood) and a “Chill, Kick-back Cali” micro-chip implanted behind its ear.
So, it’s no surprise that I haven’t lost my laid-backness, even though I’ve spent less than 10 months in the state in the past 9 years.
(then, again, ... I HAVE heard of the odd Californian who removes the "laid-back micro-chip" and replaces it with a flagpole up their rear orifice - So, nothing is certain in this world of impermanence.)

But, I still have the Cool Cali Vibe.
In fact, I probably have it worse than many.
Unfortunately, what I now seem to lack is a real FEELING for the predominant sentiment currently spiking the attitudes of my fellow statesmen. (states-folk? State-people? My state-sharing cool-cats.)
I can look at the polls and see that the majority of my Cali-Dawgs are Anti-this-war, but.. where are they? Where are all the demonstrations and rallies one would expect from so many polled, “Anti-war” peeps? And where is the outraged and disgusted youth? Why is it mostly the same people who were chanting down the Vietnam war who are now hitting the streets in my state? What’s going on in the collective head of my generation?

Basically, what I’m very inarticulately trying to say is that I understand my psychotic, Japanese washing machine (that alternates between doing the opposite of what I tell it and doing exactly what I tell it- only in a parallel dimension) much better than I understand the minds of my fellow Californians (especially, the young cats). I hope that going back there will change that.
But, thank (insert deity of choice) for technology and micro-chips. At least we know that, no matter what, you can never take the “Cool” outta this “Cali-Cat”.


frustratedwriter said...

I believe with the blackouts of recent years, tied to earthquakes, mudslides, and the thrills of having an Austrian governator, the chips have shorted out. You should count yourself lucky, you were spared the pzzzzzzt followed by the flash of light producing a smokey haze behind the eyes.

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. Hope to see you back. Oh, I love your blog title!

-c said...

I missed all the fun, but I DID get the pzzzzzzt.
I think it took out some brain cells, but missed the micro-chip...
(Wait... actually, I think I'm seeing a smokey haze...)