Monday, May 09, 2005

Jerkey and Comics

It's not often that the woman at my local mom&pops convenience store gives a go at humour. She's usually busy mis-counting change and talking about the umbrella surplus. But, just moments ago, she proved her comedic dark side. While ringing up my purchase she began to muse,
“Hmm… Instant noodles…hmm… a beef Jerkey stick…hmm… nice weather… hmm… you like Japanese men, don't you?...hmm...”
Now, whether noodles, Jerkey, weather and men all belong in the same customer-service pleasantry, I can't really say, but… I know I've made stranger conversation without being slapped with a heavy iguana or dumped in a vat of wet tissue and tuna before...
What I actually wanted to share, though, were these hilarious comics
I have been entertaining myself with. Some seriously dark and fun diversions.
But, it's time now to divert myself in the direction of Out-and-about, so I'll leave you with the best poem I think I have ever written:

I like noodles,
I like stick,
I like Jerkey
And I like


Winston said...

You prude!

-c said...

Was actually just going for the cleverly off-beat, sophisticated image, but thanks!

AliceBabylon said...

Thanks for stopping by Fallen. What part of Japan are you in?

-c said...

Tottori-ken. The least populated prefecture and home to two mounds of sand...

AliceBabylon said...

I can't imagine having the lowest population being a bad thing, everywhere I've been in Asia is so crowded. I live in Okinawa.