Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Vacationing Translator-a-bob

One of my favorite things in life is the humour-riddled human exchange that occurs between geographically or culturally-separated beings. Especially, when they share a language in common. It's amazing what half-sauteed indiscernibility can come from the very language that you thought was your mother tongue! For ex.:

Friend: “So, what's Japan like?”
Me: “It's great! Full of contradictions.”
Friend: “Yeah, I just got an electricity bill, reached level 11 on the new Minotaur vs. the Realestate Agnt. PS2 game, watched 'Cn?ureislvnvkfls?x' on DVD, ordered out from Bob-b/eats-the Hog Pizza Emporium and chilled with that bloke from the Moroccan Mountain tagine stand.”
Me: “Huh? Cool! I just janken-ed for a sticker with teenagers who were checking out manga and blurred sex while debating between sake onigiri and nasty katsuo. Then, my friends and I stumbled upon a great performance by Aquabomb, got a call on my keitai from Papa Dharma and…”
Friend: “Huh?”
Me: “Yeah, it's great! How are you?”
Friend: “Wicked. You really gotta see 'Cn?ureislvnvkfls?x'! You'll love it!”
Me: “Yeah! Sounds good. See you soon!
Friend: “Yes, certainly before this minotaur is slayed!”
Me: "Mino-whuu...? Hell yeah! Can't wait to see a sleigh slaying!
Friend: "?? Love ya! See you soon!"

Well, shit- until I find that culture-translator-a-bob I lost in my soy-sauce bottle, I'll be listening to Khagool :
the most awesome, psychedelic Welsh rockers to ever have opposable thumbs!
Can't wait to hear them come play in Japan!
And, maybe one of them can do some translation...
Someone's gotta speak Minotaurian...
Or, at least, know where to find Culture-Translator-a-Bob...

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