Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Meet the tomato

We were practicing the Past tense today, and the students made their own short dialogues and performed them.

The little tree-huggers wrote:

A: What did you do yesterday?
B: I gived the money to UNICEF. How about you?
A: Oh, really? I saved the Earth too!

The little economists with a sense of humour wrote:

A: What did you do last year?
B: I lost fifty yen. How about you?
A: Oh! I got fifty yen.

The little Bible Zealots wrote:

A: What did you do on Sunday?
B: I walked to Onigashima. How about you?
A: I walked to Ryugujo.
(this was accompanied by a drawing of a smiling girl in a school uniform, walking on water towards an island with horns).

And the little, we've-either-tested-hallucinogens-at-a-very-early-age-or-we've-been-unfairly-subjected-to-too-much-of-our-English-teacher's-over-the-top-randomness wrote this:

A: What did you do after school very well?
B: I washed my dog at home. How about you?
A: I met a bear and a tomato in SATY.
B: Oh!

(I think I'll ask this last group to post weekly on this blog!)

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Rabin said...

Funny!! Its amazing what kids can come up with . Loved this blog!!! Bookmarking it.

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