Friday, May 27, 2005

Yellow Press

A friend of mine and local, long-time resident Guru coined a witty nickname for our small, Japanese city with his great, recently-birthed blog: Notes from the 'Nog .

And, back in the day, when the cool kid with a skateboard in the neighborhood started using the words “dudical” and “jizm”, I wanted to start using them too, so….here's my attempt:

Today's Breaking News from the 'NOG

PORT-MOUNTAIN-PARK- Three first-year high school students allegedly spotted their old English teacher talking to herself, rocking back-and-forth on her bench and staring blankly into the monkey cage.
The students had just finished participating in their club activity and were on their way home.
“I thought maybe she had lost it,” one bright-eyed student reported as she finished writing a text mail on her cell phone, “but then I remembered that that was the kind of odd, foreign behavior she had always exhibited.” Click here for full story

LAWSONS - Foreign woman approached local police box with allegations of Unsolicited comments about her height and nose-shape.
She has not decided yet whether to file claims of Discrimination and Silly, Verbal-Observations Abuse. Click here for full story

ASAHI TOWN - Local resident accused of trying to hide a Styrofoam natto container and a plastic toothpaste bottle inside his 'burnable' trash on garbage collection day.

Don't cancel your subscription! More, breaking News coming soon!

(*Update: But, to be completely honest, when the local cool hoodlum on the block started saying “dudical”, I really tried to get everyone to say “tripical”. Looking back on it now, it's no wonder it didn't catch on …)


Winston said...

What the fuck is wrong with "tripical"?! I like it though it sounds almost like "tropical". Hmmm...maybe I don't like it. Whatever!!!!

-c said...

Yeah, I don't know either. I think at 9 yrs old, I had the dillusion that the "du" in "dudical" refered to 2. So, by using "tri" in "tripical" (3), I could make the word ultimately cooler! Like I said.. looking back...

Rabin said...

How would you use dudical in a sentence? Or for that matter tripical?? just curious

-c said...

Did you see how that guy just did a triple kick-flip, cooked a pizza, picked up a hot chick and made 3 new mix CDs - all in one move??!! That was dudical, man!