Friday, June 03, 2005


What I actually wanted to post today was something entitled “Snowboarders in Summer”. I was going to report on a few conversations I had last night about 'Snow that isn't here now but IF it were…'
It would have been the story of some Japanese mountain bums - turned Quantum Physicists. A classic and emotional Coming-of-Snowboarder-Age Spring Season Must-Read.
But, unfortunately, I got lost on the way to the Best-Seller list…..
So, we'll see no royalties from this brilliant idea of young, yuki-darumas entering the rainy season.

And why? Who caused such a potentially, career-bashing side-track?,
Well, the fame-blocking Culprit was:
The Dullest Blog in the World ; a site that elucidates the various deeds of every day life with great understanding and has kept me giggling through every attempt my neurons have made at writing (or seriousness, for that matter).

It's hard to accomplish anything when you're giggling.
But, I have a witness who can support my claim that I can still do SOME things, anyway:

"Yes, my neighbor, -c. She is very kind woman. American from. But she laugh is very loud in the shower every day."

(Sidenote: Thanks, Ted , for having this link on your blog. I'll never be productive again.)


frustratedwriter said...

I followed the link you had in this post, excellent fun! Thanks!

ted said...

My pleasure. Wasting time is a work in progress.
And of course you'll be productive again. Only then you'll be re-productive.

-c said...

Hehe! Just wonder if I'll ever get to post-production...

Dave said...

Hi - thanks, glad you enjoyed the dullest blog.