Friday, June 10, 2005

Winner of a Blowfish!

Why is it that when something is offered to us for free, whether we want it or not, we usually take it?
I was in a convenience store last week, making a meager purchase of pineapple tea and salt-doused soy beans, when I was forced to stick my hand into the mouth of a box and pull out a card.
“Wow!” exclaimed the acne-freckled boy behind the counter upon examining my card, “You are so lucky!”
I had won a free Instant Cup-O-Noodle! Whoopie! It was some new, experimental potato-cream flavored ramen (mixed with some other flavor represented in the form of an indecipherable, obviously Plutonian kanji). I took it.
It could have been a peppered Que-tip with dipping slug slime, or a glow-in-the-dark bristle-less toothbrush with soccer balls and blowfish dangling from it,
and I probably would have taken it.
Just to be polite.

And then I go and point fingers at blowfish-esque corporations for excessive production of non-biodegradable waste, when what I really should be doing is signing up with the local Hypocrites Anonymous Therapy Group.


Winston said...'s a movie I don't know if you've seen or heard of. Several of your posts hinge on a visit to a convenience store. Perhaps this is a theme to take note of capitalize on. Why not start another blog (while continuing to update this one of course) that is all about your experiences at convenience stores? Just a thought. BTW, it's great to see you've become so 'blog active' recently. CHEERS!

frustratedwriter said...

wow, if you had won a blowfish, I would be so impressed and jealous.

-c said...

Winston, good idea! Convenience stores in Japan are the New Mecca. You can pay your bills, get a snack, read the articals in some porn and buy concert tickets all in one trip!
frustratedwriter, when I get my hands on a blowfish, I'll give you 75%! (I wanna keep the prickly things for voodoo purposes.)

ball zack said...

but blowfish are so damn awesome...