Friday, July 08, 2005

Happy B-day! Here's an Elephant!

Why is it that the most sincere and heart-felt goodbye presents have to come in the heaviest packages?

Friend: “So, -c, you're leaving Japan and have to pack up 3 years worth of stuff in two duffel bags and one carry-on, huh?”
Me: “Yup.”
Friend: “Well, since our friendship and time together have meant so much to me, I'd like to offer you a gift.”
Me: “Thanks, but just You being You has been indescribably more than enough! I'll take you back in everything I do.”
Friend: “Yes, but, please take this 40lb statue of Buddha, this ornate traditional vase, this year supply of Daisen soba noodles, 2 kilos of Tottori sand dune sand, this pottery set made by the finest artist in town, this vat of locally-made plum alcohol, this beautiful shogi set, this smiling ceramic Hello Kitty, and 70 packages of cherry-blossom tea.”
Me: “You are too kind. Thank you!”

I'm now waiting for someone to give me a fleet of flying donkeys (wearing super hero costumes, flippers and circus-style snorkels) to courier everything home.

Honestly, though, people are wonderful. And giving. All I, personally need, though, is a piece of the heart.

(yeah, it grills up nicely with garlic and soy sauce)


Canadian Dude said...

Thanks for stopping in.

Good Luck.

L said...

hee hee! It sounds like you have some good friends though :)

frustratedwriter said...

wow, can I have the elephant?

Rabin said...

Are there elephants in japan? And hey all the best with your journey, wherever you are headed! Keep blogging!!

AliceBabylon said...

What? Leave Japan?

-c said...

alice- Unfortunately yes. I've got the "merry blues". Simultaneously excited and really sad.

r- Don't worry. I'll keep blogging. I'm always up the creek with no platypus where ever I go:)