Thursday, September 15, 2005

Congested Colon

Did you know that one of the only places that Leprosy can grow, flourish and achieve the American Dream is inside a 9-chambered aardvark? (…Well, there, and in the footprints of mice..) Or that scientists believe that you can catch Tourrette Syndrome by showering barefoot on scummy linoleum, or by having the great misfortune of getting a killer throat-ache…? Or… that the Duodenom is like an immigration checkpoint between the suburbs of the liver and the ghettos of the stomach?
Or… that, if you have water draining from your ass, you can expect your urine to be a more full-bodied dark color?

Well, neither did my brother or I until last night when we got our first edumications in human physiology, anatomy, and disease.

And, to prove how ligit our learnings were, I can even site diagrams 14 and 15, a&d (the ones of the severed corpse with a hairy ass) and page 154 of Mechanisms of Microbial Disease (the paragraph with all the long words and little blobby, microscopic thing-a-majigs)

Well, for the record, I might have gotten a few of the particulars wrong.

BUT, the point is, that I am enjoying spending time with my brother and his medicine-studying girlfriend in beautiful Lake Tahoe.
AND, I'm thrilled as ever, that my favorite and only sibling shares my enthusiasm for the falsification, bullshit-ification and humorization of Information…



Chris said...

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frustratedwriter said...

Which is why we developed the new and improved ten chambered aardvark, sans the leprosy but capable of generating a much lesser threatening disease, hepatitis Z. Incurable? Yes, but at least your extremities don't fall off while you are involuntarily screaming obscenities from having contracted T.S. while standing on less than clean linoleum.

-c said...

ha ha! Yeah, thank God for such medical break-throughs. It's bad enough to have someone cursing at you, but to have their ear fall into your soup at the same time... not good....