Monday, December 05, 2005

Micky slipped me one and I missed

I was only gone for a minute.
90 seconds at most.

But, as any seasoned bar patron knows, you should never leave your drink unattended while powdering your nose or fingering the jukebox. That's just asking for trouble. You might as well leave your opened beverage with a post-it note that says:

"Dear broke, lonely, two-toothed trucker,
feel free to drink my martini or, better yet, slip something into my drink and take me out behind the dumpster.
Yours and Waiting"

In any case, I think some divine, inebriated hand recently spiked my bottled Elixir of Life with something. I suspect it was Natsukashii-morphinephedrinhydrobermide. But, I'm no chemist...

How does this drug affect the body?, you ask. Well, in my case, it has cut my days with a series of film-frame Natsukashii Moments.

(*a "Natsukashii Moment", for those with no knowledge of Japanese, is an Awww-that-brings-me-back Moment of Nostalgia)

Although these invasive Natsukashii Moments have not yet interfered with my precious REMs, they have taken over my otherwise ordinary waking, present-moment routine.

And, the most potent dose of Natsukashii Moment as of late came when a friend took me to a local, renowned Sushi place in the San Fernando Valley...

There's nothing that makes me exclaim "Awww... that brings me so pleasantly back!" quite like bantering in Japanese, being brought free food and sake, miming kanji on your palm and debating the differences between Asian and Western lovers with a sushi chef...

Awww, how I miss Japan!

and, how glad I am that I left my elixir unwatched while rubbing the jukebox's g-spot...


Nicole said...

Miming kanji on your palm or writing it on air is the way to do it when you can't quite remember... I recall a few nights out with yourself and Aki, making up fictional kanji in the air. Curious, this reluctance to commit yourself to paper.

L said...

when I read your blog, sometimes it feel as if something's been slipped into my drink-- but in a nice way :)

-c said...

nicole- yeah, it's not all that uncommon for me to make up my own kanji, English words, answers, stories, etc... Thanks, now I'm busted!

L- Aww... thanks! A true compliment, indeed.

frustratedwriter said...

now this one made me smile. thanks!

Cap'n Rich said...

-c... Yes some people read your post stem to stern at odd times.

I fear that I am starting to understandabooyoutimbuckmeow.