Monday, January 16, 2006

Rock-skipping Part II

Skipping rocks is to flipping pancakes, as:

a) counting books is to mounting cooks
b) throwing grounders is to growing weeds
c) playing tic-tac-toe quick is to laying desperate dick
d) addressing dignitaries is to caressing Bloody Marys
e) eating oyster is to heating a cloister
f) jumbling words is to fumbling catches
g) spilling the beans is to Chilling Supreme
h) none-of-the-above-ing is to the fun of love-ing
i) what?! they have absolutely nothing to do with each other

*Note: I grabbed this handy little test question from the International D.A.C.A. (Deep Anals of -c's Absurdity), Vol. 43889. For a full explanation of the correct answer, please go skip a stone, flip a pancake, consult the FAQs and consider going with answer j)


dingobear said...

Haha, you said "anals."

I'm not sure about my answer but I think I'm going to go with (h).

-c, where were you when I was studying for my SATs?

Rabin said...

You sure it's DACA and not DCAA?