Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Bigger than a toothpick

What's bigger than a breadbox and smaller than a giraffe wearing prayer flags, a menorah and stigmata piercings through its hooves?
What's warmer than a refrigerated avocado but colder than a draft beer?
What's smarter than an x-box but stupider than a stone?
What's more mobile than a doorknob but less limber than a jellyfish?
What's more inquisitive than an armchair philosopher but less apt to retain the answers than a politician?
What's more alive than a supernova but just as dead as its sister?
What's bundled up in four layers of cotton, fleece and down and still shivering in the sun?

Why, it's ME, of course!, sitting on the shore of Lake Tahoe in the snow, trying to post something to my blog. There are two feet of snow-less pebble beach upon which I sit, but everywhere else is covered in a majestic blanket of new powder (I hear God has his house-keepers on their way to do some vacuuming, but St. Maria called in with laryngitis and St. Carmelita de la Virgen had to pick up her kids from iPod practice...).
The air is crisp, the water calm, and all that I hear is the melting and falling of snow from the pine branches… (well, that, and the loud wailing of my MAC: “Mommy, why are you doing this to me?! I showed you everything I hid from you a few days ago… why must I freeze like this? Remember those documents you thought you lost last year…? Well… get me a hot chocolate and feed my battery, and I can assure their safety for you!)

No but, really… I'd say chilly lakeside solitude is a highly, under-appreciated yet entirely necessary element when it comes to human happiness. (…but, then again, this comes from someone who finds ecstasy in finding a-symmetrically-patterned bird dung on the sidewalk….). But… I'd certainly go so far as to say that the POTENTIAL for glimpses of happiness in sitting by a cold lake in the snow is definitely larger than a breadbox and smaller than a 35.9 katrillion dollar winning Lotto card.

Man... it's beautiful...!


Nico said...

A little jealous, but only slightly, having experienced the gorgeous lakeside chill, but without the snow, in the middle of summer several times up in PG. Nothing better than having it all to yourself, unless there also happens to be a storm of epic proportions going on while you watch from a quasi-closed in porch...

frustratedwriter said...

okay, i'm officially jealous. sounds beautiful and hope you are soaking it up

dingobear said...

-c, that's a beautiful, serene picture you paint of lovely Lake Tahoe. Surely the dreamy atmosphere is worth a katrillion or two, if not necessarily 35.9? Anyway, makes me wish I were there, too.

P.S. the fact that you're using a Mac automatically makes you even cooler.

-c said...

Nico and frustratedwriter- Yeah! Each day is more beautiful than the last! i'm lovin it here!

dingobear- you can't even imagine how "uncool" I was before I got my Mac :)

Cap'n Rich said...

I figured up how to link to your site and now I don't have a comment to leave. Hi anyway!