Thursday, February 23, 2006


I'm about to admit what any dignified blogger should never admit. (Hate me if you will, but….) The truth is that I don't actually read many blogs.

And, on top of this sad blog-deprivation disease I suffer from, I also have a benign cancer that renders me too lazy to list my favorite crème de blog links on my page…

So, to make up for it, here are the few and wonderful blogs that I DO read in no particular order:

Meandering Musings Muster Madness (Texas) A brilliant sense of humour, an always-inspiring creativity, an altruistic determination, and provides a warm and embracing feeling of family and a never-ending game of wit and cleverness.

PureLand Mountain Excellent prose, witty insights about life in Japan, and spot-on, humour-tinted observations about life, nature and everything.

Leprechaun Soup - (Japan) well-written and engaging thoughts from… well, let's just say he's a special and inspiring someone coming home soon…

Random_Speak (Tampa bay, FL) This woman is hilarious! An incredible writer, artist and, I suspect, human being. She cracks me up with her sardonic humour, Onion-esque articles, and her uniquely honest take on the world.

On Gaien Higashi Dori (Japan) An amazing Irish writer who grabs me with his love of nature and the outdoors, incredible photographs and responses to the media at large. (if you're into futbol, or soccer, he's got something for you too!)

Felix's Daily starfish and waffles - Felix (Canada) provides the finest simulated online reality episodes as well as superb cocktail recipes, excellent photographs from travels around the world, and fun musings

Life and other such events (Chennai, India)- Fun anecdotes, stories and thoughts from a banker/thinker/humanist/philosopher in India

Notes from the 'nog - (Japan) Superb writing, thoughts, observations, musings and haikus from a friend and long-time resident guru of my Japanese hometown, “The 'Nog” (also, a great source of good reading material and music!)

Circus freaks in training - (Japan) The entertaining thoughts and experiences of my Canadian sister who lives, breathes and walks the walk of our corner of the rising sun set land. (In person, she can be even more sarcastic and biting than me, if you can believe it!)

The Logic of the silent Cascade - (Boston) A recent addition to the blogosphere, he's an old soul, an old friend and an articulately descriptive ponderer of the universe. (More J.H. for everyone!)

Tokyo Damage Report - Hilarious with a sense of humour and irony to beat all others. He just moved back to the states from Tokyo, so I can only look forward to what lies in store…

anchored nomad Another hilarious liver-of-life, with an enticingly fun and worldly view of everything!

the long division - Another daily-life blogger who cracks me up.

Well, there are more but I fear losing crucial cranial globules (c'mon! they're those all important squigly, tubular things in the brain!) if I cut-and-paste another thing...


frustratedwriter said...

Wow, thanks! Your blog is a daily must read too, when you actually post daily...(hint, hint, nudge, nudge, nag, nag...)

The Logic of the Profound Silence said...

I have found that the blog is a pleasant avenue of escape from our society of billboards, American Idol and ink cartridges. Don't you think?


L said...

thank you for such lovely compliments -- your post really made my day!

I'm glad you enjoy the blog... and I enjoy your sense of humor too :)

Not only that, but you've listed some blogs I will obviously have to check out

Rabin said...

-c, thanks!

(I still perfer cash over an honourable mention :P )

dingobear said...

Thanks for the mention, -c! I'm truly honoured.

-c said...

Thanks to all y'all for providing creativity, laughter and inspiration! My brother's uncle's cousin's dog twice removed said the check's in the mail to all of you!

And he hasn't let a mailman down yet...

Should be there any day now:)