Sunday, February 12, 2006

Pucks and Dunks

Jack Nicholson's eyes were suavely angled towards the Laker's scoreboard four rows in front of me, and the team's sweat was potable. Filet mignon, fine wine, fun company and an excellent King's come-back tickled my dizzy excitement... How did I get so lucky??...

Rather than plead the fifth, I guess I'll just come clean...

I had to do a few favors, if you know what I mean... (namely, for a donkey and four acne-excited horses).
... Hey, I can't be the ONLY one willing to try new things for tickets to a few professional sports games...

No-- c'mon! Here's what really happened:

A good friend of mine took me to see my second-ever LIVE hockey game (LA vs. Chicago- The Kings came back in OT after a seven-game losing streak! Yeah!)

We were then treated to go out and eat at a high-class, $35 a plate restaurant where we tried to converse in multiple languages and play "How many eyebrows can you raise with inappropriate antics?"

We chatted about world destinations, snowflake types, unconventional parking lot motifs, and finally invented a spilt-wine coverup story that involved the accidental collision of innocent dining pedestrians, blinded by the luminescence of a fallen fork.

We were then generously bought tickets for the Lakers basketball game, and ended up sitting court-side and cheering...

And... well... I never thought I'd say this more than once... but I think I'm really getting a crush on watching live professional sports.

... but, please scar and leather me if I ever start tossing around names of famous athletes (or if I ever learn their significant others' hobbies and pass-times...)

After all,
Pucks are for fucks,
Dunks are for monks,
And, Sports
are for those in
tight, lycra shor--

(*p.s.- I made up the horses, but... well... let's just say that some donkeys can be more charming than you'd think... especially when they put on a tuxedo and dot their thick, firm neck with cologne...)


Rabin said...

Wow a lakers game?? wow. Used to dream of watching an NBA game as a kid, when I used to play the game in school.

Now I'd rather watch...oh well...never mind.

Your fancy restaurant reminded me of the time when we went to this really upscale restuarant, went through the wine list for 10 minutes, discussed the wine with the waiter and then ordered beer. It pissed them off in ways I never could imagine. hehe

frustratedwriter said...

I am so jealous... of the tickets, not the donkey loving. Sounds like a new fan has arrived. Time for us ol' diehards to teach you the secret handshake and let you into the brotherhood of totally addicted sport nuts.

dingobear said...

Awesome, -c, the Lakers, courtside! The best I've ever done is the upper deck for a Warriors-Sixers game in Oakland. Not quite as glamorous. Wow, donkeys, eh?

-c said...

rabin- yup! One of my favorite passtimes: causing trouble in places I didn't belong in the first place!

frustrated- not sure I'm quite ready for the full-blown handshake initiation, but I DO know a good hoof-shake I can teach you :)

dingobear- yeah, the game was awesome! I can't wait to go again!