Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Peace March Delirium

Pour a handful of energy, a fat Zeusian craneful of heart, and a shoebox-full of shared passion multiplied by (3.14159...) times Hope + a few bottled waters + handmade signs of support + i to the Public-Wants-to-be-heard Power, and you've got the makings for a fine, envigoratingly exhausting three days of anti-war marching.

(I actually had some great photos ready to post- to inaugurate my picture-less prose blogousity- ... but, being the self-proclaimed luddite MAC-user I am, I went and just lost all of them to the ether... --Luckily, I believe them goofy scientist geeks who say that energy lost here, is energy found elsewhere...)

If I HAD shown a few photos..., you would have seen thousands of marchers for peace with creatively-penned and painted signs, students and mothers, citizens and lovers, workers, chillers, teachers, policemen, sons and daughters and brothers and sisters who went out of their ways and missed buses home to protest what their Country is doing, and asking WHY?

... I even had a nice little shot of myself, looking quite hippy and naive beside a "PEACE" sign and a home-made "Democracy by example- NOT BY WAR!" banner...
(You couldn't have cut my innocent, hippy idealism and cultured optimism with a samarai sword!)

You also wouldn't have known by looking that I was a perditious cynic, prone to excessive sarcasm, circuitously random blogging, and utter written absurditiy!

You wouldn't have known by looking that, when I can't sleep at night, I count stars like sheep, alternating from English, Spanish, Japanese to German (One, dos, san, vier, five, seis, shichi, acht, nine, diez, juichi...)

You wouldn't have known by looking that my voice is currently coarsely shot from chanting anti-war slogans:

"Que queremos? PAS! Cuando? AHORA!"
("Whadd'we want? PEACE! When D'we want it? NOW!")

and my legs are aching from 20 miles of walking.

But, I've got no complaints... Afterall, I've been walking only a few days with Fernando Suarez (the 50-year-0ld father of one of the first latino soldiers lost in Iraq) who is marching from Tijuana, Mexico to San Francisco for PEACE with many others (check out the mission and awesome trek of these amazing folks at: Fernando's site and Pablo's site)

I have to admit, though, that I'm ready to eat someone's grandfather because I lost my photos, and that, last night, as I tried to relax, I was still chanting as I dreamt...

Whadd'we want? PEACE! When do we want it? NOW!
Whadd'we want? SLEEP! When do we want it? NOW!

(But, I DO promise that if too many more politically-slanted experiences or observations creep into my future, I'll start a new blog for politics alone. This creek shall not be tainted! Nor shall platypuses be hit with political paddles!)


dingobear said...

-c, you can talk as much politics as you want on platypus. It's nice to know that there are still people like you who care enough to speak out. If more paid attention, democracy would work better than it does now in alot of places.

By the way, I'm impressed that (1) you count stars instead of sheep and (2) you do it in four languages. But I'm disappointed that one of those four languages isn't Swahili. Swahili is dope.

Cap'n Rich said...


Thank you for doing your part. The world needs more and more of you. The thick heads in Washington just don't get it!. Now means NOW! Not tommorow, not next week, but now! Please don't despair. I think it's starting to work, don't you?

How many stars are you up too? In English please.

Dunzo said...

I took part in a "bike-a-thon" a long time ago. Every mile earned the forgettable cause (probably religious) some amount of money that people had pledged. I think I rode 50 miles or maybe it was 100...anyways, it was intense. Point is, I woke up that night and my legs were peddling like I was still riding my little bike. Pretty weird...

MagicalSis said...

My heart smiles with gladness and appreciation for your ACTION.
You can speak 4 languages? Very impressive.
So...I am inspired and CAN do something about all this madness, mayhem and murder. Protest and write. Glad to find you.

-c said...

dingobear- yeah, swahili would be a cool language. unfortunately my throat seems to go on strike everytime I ask it to click or cluck.

cap'n rich- well, i'm usually asleep before 60. so, as far as I know, there might only be 75 stars out there :)

dunzo- I used to get that after sitting in a snow cat for 10 hours. Afterwards, all of my REMs would be governed by watching snow being plowed infront of me...

magicalsis- namaste! Yes, we'll keep fighting! and... I didn't actually say I can coherently speak the languages, only that I can count in them :)

frustratedwriter said...

I may disagree with folks politically but I totally believe in their right to express their opinions, whether in blogging, marching, protesting, etc. March on sistah, march on.

Rabin said...

sounds awesome..wish I was there in the march, i'm told that there is more fun things in life than being a banker...though there is no statistical evidence to support that claim :)

L said...

nothing wrong with being political-- my blog has accidentally become that (just slightly) lately :)

The Ingrown Hare said...

The problem with politics is: When was the last time discussing it or chanting slogans changed anyone's mind????

-c said...

frustrated- I'm marchin, I'm marchin. Yes, I agree. Those ACLU folks are onto something.

rabin- In my case, working with money daily would be so novel and exciting, I might just like it!

L- and your slightly political posts are hilarious as always!

ingrown hare- Political discussions and debates are one thing. You know I love to argue, but I've long since recognized the futility of some religious/political exchanges. Marching, though, is more to visually show other citizens and decision-makers how many of us there actually are (the polls just aren't as dramatic). Plus, there are usually a few fit, activist boys to ogle!