Saturday, March 31, 2007

Say “cheese”

Dismal as it may seem, I think smiles have become cliché in today’s world. They have become fake-toothy footholds for achieving desired feats. They have aligned themselves with insincere compliments and other forced fronts (like inappropriate shoulder-nudges and winks), intended to gain selfish and flashy results.

These days, it’s not uncommon to see a full canine through molar spread while looking into the face of the lady who wants to shut off your electricity, screw your boyfriend, and repossess your prized, albeit obscure, book collection.

That’s why I hereby declare a Real Smile Revival!

If we all come together with the mission of embracing smiles for sincerity and honesty, we can eradicate those trivial, emotionally-prosthetic lip crescents based on bulldung and personal gain. We can bring the “true smile” back to the people!

So, tell me: How are YOU going to promote the advancement of honest, candid Smiles?

Here’s how I did it:

I took a batch of English language students in Seattle.
I carefully examined their old ID’s and Driverse Licenses to make sure that they had no history of previous public Smiling.
I arranged them in a semi-social stance, stood with them, and told them that the Tooth Fairy was real.

Ok... honestly, that's not true at all. These are some of my students I bumped into while cruising the International district with my boyfriend, father and step-mother.

They are genuine smilers and require no "real smile" mobilization.

In fact, they could probably care less if armies of "Insincere Smilers" continued to walk the streets indiscriminately.

Nonetheless, I call today for a recall of all imitation Smiles! Let over-worked lip muscles relax, let chapped teeth have safe haven from unnecessary social blizzards, and let sincere mouth manifestations of happiness and laughter prevail!

(... and let creamy, representational praise to obscure european cheese deities be socially acceptable!)


dingobear said...

Wow, nice picture!


(don't worry, that there was a real, sincere smile).

Cap'n Rich said...

Chortle chortle.

I'm behind your latest cause 100%. Help stamp out dental hygiene!

Stroe some frowns around.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of getting your email address? I won't tell.


Anonymous said...

Any chance of getting your email address? I won't tell.

Frustrated Writer said...

A most excellent pic complete with great smiles that are obviously sincere with a tinge of ham in them for decorative purposes. Since smiling is part of my job, I find the best way to generate a genuine smile is to think of something humerous about the person I'm talking to. Unless such a thought produces a guffaw which is tough to explain away.

L said...

I'm a little late, but...


nice pic :)