Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Web Search Apology

Sometimes you need quick, peripheral information about something.
Sometimes you want to expand your already profound knowledge of a topic.
Sometimes you’re looking for validation or disproof of an outlandish claim.
Sometimes you’re just bored and want to know what info exists on the www about baby sock alterations, coprophilia and acrylic paints….

Whatever your reasons for using Google Search may be,
I wish you luck.

I do, however, sincerely apologize to the guy today who typed into Google Search:

“why can i only get one erection a day?”

and landed on a blog page about gay flamingos.

Terribly sorry.


frustrated writer said...

I think the gay flamingos might should be worried... or at least aware there are one shot wonders looking to google someone.

dingobear said...

Well, don't be sorry about it - I found the article on gay flamingos witty and very informative.

(Oh no, I've said too much!)

Hahaha! ... I kid, I kid ..

-c said...

frustrated- I've attempted to contact the flamingos in hopes of warning them. I just hope they get the message in time.

dingobear- no need to hide any longer. We all know where your affinities lie:)