Wednesday, May 11, 2005

riel revolution

Now, I wouldn't personally ever have any drive to start a bar brawl with the Canadian government or tatoo divinity on my shoulder, but I have to admit there's something cool about the idea of gallivanting around butt-naked and calling myself "The prophet of the New World"!
Unfortunately, this guy Louis Riel already stole my idea!
He probably looked much sexier in the outfit, too!
Could the Louis Riel judges give me a call..? I'd like to propose a viciously, hot, spagetti-slap to the wrist as verdict-guilty punishment. If that doesn't work, let's go with cheap, Caseo-stereo elevator music, or a cheese-grater to the lip. ...(What?! Senseless hanging, you say??. )

1 comment:

Winston said...

-c, I highly doubt that old bearded motherfucker would look better than you naked. In fact I guarantee that you are wrong! But I is not my place to comment on such things. Please forgive me...