Saturday, May 21, 2005

Shrimp Boats

A friend offered to let me use her cat's skin to make an instrument if I wrote about shrimp boats. I always wanted an instrument that could drown the entire band with its purr-nicious voice, so… here we go!

Well, they're not actually shrimp-seeking, but rather squid-searching. And they're not actually boats. They're more like small fortunes (about US$190,000 for a new beauty).
But, they certainly ARE magnificent when seen, dotting the horizon of the sea in between rocky, cliff breaks!
…Which brings me to the first of my two theories about squid boats off the coast of Tottori:
1)These are not ordinary fishermen you often see in rural, costal villages, untangling ropes at 5 a.m. They are, in fact, entrepreneurial tools, subsidized by the Cliffs, Coves & Ocean Beautification Corp (CCOBC). They sold their reeling-in hand callouses long ago and are just there, lighting the horizon so that viewers can ooh and aahh at their radiance, and bring more tourism to the area. Those gold-digging squid-figgers!
2)Those squid fishermen stole that bright, sequined horizon-line idea from my grandma who used to use that same pattern on her crocheted pot-holders. Those, gramma-copy-right-infringers!

(Well, guilt has wrapped me up in one, really big rubberband, so I want to clear my name of muddy lies. I admit it.: I wasn't really offered a cat skin for writing about shrimp boats. In fact, my friend would probably sew up a nice halter-top made of MY skin for her cat if she knew of my kniving allegations… Oh, the shame suffered in the name of absolution!)

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