Friday, July 01, 2005

Homeward bound with Koalas

To my delight (and that of all the local farmers) it rained cats and koalas today.
The fields felt alive, and the pavement smelt of hot cloud sweat…

I woke up without a bike or car, decided a pterodactyl wasn't the way to go home, and decided to ask a man in a construction truck at a nearby convenience store for a ride.

“Which way are you headed?” I asked in chopped, sliced and sautéed Japanese.

“That way,” he pointed in perfect Japanese.

“Oh, me too!” I said, chopping bits of sliced language and stirring them around with a half-eaten fork.
“Do you think I could get a r---?”

“Muri desu.” (It's not possible/not allowed) he said.

“Alright then, I get it,” I said with only two diced onions.

And off I went, showered in the pouring morning rain; my memory snapping slow aperture shots of yellow blossoms sneaking between rice fields and concrete.

And then, just as I was dripping wet, brinking on epiphany beside a dead strawberry garden,
The same construction truck I had seen before stopped beside me.

“Get in!” the driver said in impeccable farm Japanese. And the kid I'd met before lowered his head and smiled with eyebrows farther away than Neptune.

We chopped a few veggies together on the way home and parted.

“Damn, it's raining cats and koalas today, isn't it?”

And I sat there, and sit here still.... wondering where those koalas are.
And, still chopping brocolli and cucumbers for a superb Japanese salad...


frustratedwriter said...

at least koalas make the rain a bit quieter than when it rains cats and dogs...

So is it cool where you are or is it more tropical? Sometimes a good downpour makes a miserably hot day bearable.

scottiboi said...

ola, chica!

scottiboi said...

i should've known better than to buy gifts from the prison commissary. although they thanked me and at least made an attempt at playing with it, my nieces and nephews clearly weren't enthralled with their new "bugger me elmo"...

-c said...

frustratedwriter- I'm not sure if I'd rather have a koala or a dog fall on me. Neither seems too pleasant :)

Here, it's really hot and muggy. (think Florida times 64 factorial) And, yes, I love the rain! A hot downpour is always a good thing in my book!

Scottiboi- Thanks for dropping in! Those little, ingrateful nieces and nephews with hindered senses of humour...!