Sunday, July 03, 2005

Rain Dance

How many head pounds per second does it take to orchestrate a proper post Dionysian beach party symphony?
Well, I'd count…, but I'm afraid the neural activity required would hurt too much.

The rain danced with us this weekend in the miniature-wave coveted cove.
Now, I don't know if you've ever seen a performance of the Rain dancing before, but I can tell you it's spectacular!
It (the Rain) moved with such fluidity and rhythmic grace that even the mosquitos in the audience started biting ankles to the beat. And a lost crab was so moved and jolted by the Rain's exquisite rendition of Salt n Pepa's “Shake your thang”, that he lost all equilibrium and soon found himself upside down, pinchers flailing above the sand. Horny hound dogs with horrendous pick-up lines froze in humility and became sleazy salt statues when the Rain danced its final words of the spell.

The Rain's tap dance was an ego essence-consuming piece that devoured me like a redwood does when you realize you're a part of the forest.

And, for the grand finale, the Rain came and did hip-hop improv break dancing inside my tent.

This soaking number, needless to say, was not followed by any “encore” shouts from the crowd.


frustratedwriter said...

wonderful imagery, skillful word play, totally enjoyable piece. Thanks!

AliceBabylon said...

I can't seem to put you on my Blog-O-Fab List. Do you have some strange voodoo, or am I muttonhead?