Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Change and Golden Calf Worship

"Do you think that's how she has sex?" my friend asked, nodding toward the acrobatic fiddler on stage whose hips floated to musical tide while her smile stunned stars in the sand when arpeggiotic waves receded.

"Well, I dunno," I answered, leaning over a pint of Sam Adams and a bottle of Coors Light, "but she sure moves her bow as if she had embraced and forgotten everything all at once... which is ALWAYS a good sign when pursuing fulfillment of primordial urges!"

"Yeah. It is, isn't it...."

And, back to silly conversation we went, drinking and reminiscing, munching and greeting old friends.

It was my first time back in four years to the mountain/ski town I used to live in. The amazing mountains and trip-you-if-you-look topography were still there. Some of my old coworkers from the bookstore/videostore were still there, wittying up the world. The smiles were the same. The street names were the same. Even the plowed, layered snow on the sides of Main Street looked the same.

Only, it had changed. Three Starbucks had come into town. A multitude of tourist-marketed restaurants had settled. A vertical poll with scantily-clad hired dancers had snuck into one of the bars. And many a tiki joint with Mai Tai specials at escalated prices had landed in the High Sierras. The police force had been tripled, 70% of the locals could no longer afford to live, and private jets crowded the tiny runway south of town.

But..., thanks to my divine Savior and Leader: The Holy Winged Platypus (...now, I don't like to preach, but if you're interested in attaining true happiness and contentment in life, contact me and I can talk to you about how the Winged Platypus can help YOU to help YOURSELF and help OTHERS- 1800-PT-PUSSY)....,
anyway.., thanks to the Winged PlatyPussy, I ended up among good company in what's left of the old mountain town I remembered...

... good people..., good music..., good lovers of the outdoors..., good stuff!

(And, by the way, I have no affiliation with the referenced 800 number.
But...., if it DOES in fact exist, I'd like to submit my resume, and say that, though I don't have webbed feet or a rubbery snout, I have a pretty sexy phone voice...)


Acne Cure said...
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The Logic of the Profound Silence said...

I can sense nostalgia in your sentimental humor... of seeing how things change faster than the speed of light... but at the same time seem never to change.


dingobear said...

-c, I'm intrigued by your religion and savior ... please do tell me more, I'm quite interested. A question, though: I don't have to give up my echidna worship to join, do I? Because polytheism is hot for 2006. Oh baby.

frustratedwriter said...

suddenly I feel enlightened. I think I'll call, just to see if I can have a religious experience over the phone. Love the post and yeah, it sucks when places that once generated fond memories change into free market monsters.

-c said...

logicoftheprofoundsilence- yeah, I'm kindof torn in that I thrive on change, yet have a hard time when it actually comes about... and then realize it's really quite the same in the end...

dingobear- Yes, in deference to the trends of the coming season, worshipping of multiple beings shall be allowed (though preference will be given to anteaters and swordfish). I'll post more details of my religion soon so that you can make your educated decision to join.

frustrated- oh, the explosive relief of the religious epiphany will be well worth the call:)